Our office is located in Jacksonville, NC for in person appointments.

Online Therapy throughout North Carolina

At Holistic Healing Counseling & Wellness, therapy sessions are also offered online. Teletherapy is a real-time, two-way, secure, HIPAA-compliant communication, with audio and video, to provide counseling services. We provide online counseling services to teens, young adults, and adults who are residents in the state of North Carolina.

Common Questions about Teletherapy or Online counseling

What is Online Counseling? It's also known as Telecounseling, Telehealth, Virtual Counseling (or many other names). Teletherapy is delivered through a virtual platform via a computer, phone, text, and email. Online counseling has been around for a little while now. Suppose you’ve ever FaceTime with friends or loved ones. In that case, it’s the same thing – except we are using HIPAA-compliant platforms and with a licensed therapist However, since COVID-19, Teletherapy has become one of the safest ways of seeking counseling services.

How does Online Counseling work? It works the same way traditional therapy works. Well, except we aren’t in the same room. Many approaches used in in-person counseling settings can be delivered similarly or slightly modified when working with clients via telehealth.

Is it Private? The same ethics and laws apply as in traditional face-to-face settings. As a therapist, I am ethically and legally bound by privacy laws not to share details about your teletherapy sessions with third parties.From the client’s end, it is also down to them to ensure they conduct their session in an equally private area to protect their privacy and confidentiality.

Benefits of Online Therapy in North Carolina

Nature Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy is a nature-based (outdoor) method of practice that incorporates movement, mindfulness, and talk therapy. This method involves sitting / walking outdoors, usually in an open public space such as a park, nature preserve, or even hiking trails. The mind-body connection is so important to improving mental health, and this method is a fantastic way to honor that.

Benefits of Walk & Talk Therapy